Let’s save Forests 🌳 our own Heritage

The Royal Stag….Nature’s Beauty

It was in the year 2014 & I landed in a small but very famous revenue district HQ township Daltonganj , the revenue HQ of “Palamu district” in Jharkhand India .

I was truly happy the very day of my joining there as a Branch head (Chief Manager) & it was a very nature rich township with river at the entry point of the town and lots of deep Sal forests 🌳 all around.

Later on came to know that once upon a time Daltonganj was a most sought after township by the “Bangali community” for it’s rich heritage of wildlife,woods and kendu-leaf used for bidi making.Bidi is an #IndianDesiCigeratte used to be consumed by people and even today it has it’s own relevance among poor smokers.

The best part was my wife used to be with me in all my transfer postings for searching new homes 🏑 for lease accommodation stay.At last we choose a best location for stay in that cozy town with a nice market place and heritage “Betla National Tiger Reserve”just 25 km away rich for its Flora & Fauna consisting of Bisons , deers of mostly spotted and Royal stags , monkeys , elephants real wild ones and varieties of birds species.

Since I had a brand new “Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle” with me my hobby being a Nature lover Free lance Photographer , every holiday was a “Nature Trip” to Betla and near by forests 🌳.

The Royal stags are truly Royal in their etiquette and pose.

Being a frequent visitor to Betla almost every week-end gradually we both developed our love ❀️ for these beautiful animals and encountered many such other animals as well during our year long stay in that cozy township.

“I would like to dedicate these shots to my friends and bloggers who truly love ❀️ animals for no reasons”.

Theme-Let’s preserve our Forests 🌳to nurture many more creatures who are in the verge of Extinctions.



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