Dakshineswar Kali Mandir

“Dakshineswar Kali Temple” (Bengali language|Bengali)( দক্ষিণেশ্বর কালী মন্দির)” , [Sanskrit language|Sanskrit]: दक्षिणेश्वर काली मन्दिर) is a [Hinduism|Hindu]temple located in [Dakshineswar]near [Kolkata]West Bengal . Situated on the eastern bank of the [Hooghly River], the presiding deity of the temple is [Bhavatarini], an aspect of [Kali], meaning, ‘She who liberates Her devotees from the ocean of existence i.e. [Saṃsāra].

The temple was built in 1855 by [Rani Rashmoni], a philanthropist and a devotee of Kali. The temple is famous for its association with [Ramakrishna], a mystic of 19th Century Bengal.

The temple compound, apart from the nine-spired main temple, contains a large courtyard surrounding the temple, with rooms along the boundary walls. There are twelve shrines dedicated to [Shiva]—Kali’s companion—along the riverfront, a temple to [Radha]-[Krishna], a bathing ghat on the river, a shrine dedicated to Rani Rashmoni. ‘Nahavat-Khana‘, the chamber in the northwestern corner just beyond the last of the Shiva temples, is where Ramakrishna spent a considerable part of his life.

Devotees of “Kali” from Bengal and entire India & Abroad  visit this Temple throughout the year .

How to reach at Dakshineswar Kali Temple:

It’s being in the heart of Kolkata it’s quite well approachable by Bus as well as private car and other vehicles at an affordable price.



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